HPL Guidance Commitee Meeting

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I had a meeting with my High Performance Leadership (HPL) team this evening. It was our first meeting with the entire HPL team – previous communication has been individually with the team members. Joe, Charmaine, Kathleen, and I met in person and Fatima attended remotely by phone.

One thing that came out of the meeting was that my Vision Statement was confusing in the part where it says that this HPL project is part of a larger project. Inclusion of that statement generated some conversation and questions that took us a bit off track. The feedback from the Guidance Committee was to remove that section of the Vision Statement. Have the Vision Statement be just about the project that we’re doing up to end of October.

Another thing that came up was that fun was implied and missing from the Core Values. Apart from those two revisions, the Mission, Vision, and Values, are great.


To educate and inspire nature and outdoor lovers by sharing the stories of the Bruce Trail.


The grand vision of this project is a full length documentary about the Bruce Trail that encapsulates the varying character of the trail across all of its sections and through all seasons.

The vision for this project as a High Performance Leadership Project is a mini-documentary that fulfills on one piece of the grand vision.

The inspiration for this project came from the article “A Tale of Two Cairns” written by Kathleen Orth. The goal for this project is a short video developed from the article.


As this project is a Leadership project, it is meant to be conducted through teamwork and community effort. The values that we espouse are:

  • Respect – we conduct ourselves with respect for each other, for the communities we impact, and for the environment.
  • Contribution – the outcome of this project contributes to and enriches the communities that we impact.
  • Teamwork and collaboration – the successful outcome of this project is a result of teamwork and collaboration rather than any single individual effort.
  • Fun – we remember to have fun along the way!

Open Mic Night

Not directly related to the above, and still something I want to share – last night after Mastermind group meeting I went to Mahtay Cafe with my local buddies. It was Open Mic Night and my buddies insisted that I take a turn at the mic! I ended up singing on the stage, the song Tales From the Vinyl Museum which I recorded about twelve years ago. I was accompanied by the recording of the song that I have posted on YouTube.

I received positive comments about being “expressive”. One person told me it reminded her of the 70 year old man who went on America’s Got Talent and surprised everyone by singing a hard rock tune. While I get the compliment, I’m not entirely thrilled about the comparison to a 70 year old man!

Still, it was a highlight experience for the week for me, and a candidate for highlight experience of the month.

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